Tideway: #HypeTBM

London relies on a 150-year-old sewer system meaning tonnes of raw sewage enters the River Thames each year. Tideway’s new supersewer will prevent this environmental pollution, but less than a quarter of London’s 18-35 year olds are aware of the construction.

With a key tunneling breakthrough about to be reached and construction heading towards East London, we were tasked to get young Londoners engaged in the project and to see the environmental benefits it would offer.

We tapped into their passion for music and gave personalities to two of the huge tunnel boring machines Selina and Ursula – launching  them as London’s biggest underground breakthrough duo. This social tease and reveal campaign built intrigue …before revealing the ‘underground duo #hypeTBM’ as the Tunnel Boring Machines.

Partnering with urban music artists including Professor Green and Hak Baker provided campaign content with an authentic edge, all of which helped generate widespread social buzz within the music scene, media coverage in music and consumer lifestyle press and an increase in Tideway’s social followers of 11% with a notable shift to the target younger audience.