PlayStation: From Posts to Poems

The passion felt by gamers around the world for gaming phenomenon The Last of Us was our inspiration when launching The Last of Us Part II for PlayStation.

Since the arrival of the original game, there has been a wealth of commentary on the web featuring players’ reactions. From blogs and tweets to YouTube content, thousands of players have bared their souls about their feelings for the game – their emotions, their attachment to the characters etc.

To build excitement ahead of the launch of the latest installment, we immortalised these passionate and poignant online responses in The Last of Us: From Posts to Poems.  This poetry book featured real-life comments about the original game but repositioned as illustrated poems to bring to life the beautiful and impactful storytelling of the game.

The books were sent out to over 70 top tier UK media and creators plus the book’s contributors, creating a huge amount of positive commentary on social channels and in media in the lead up to the launch.

We also worked with British singer-songwriters Emily Burns and Dan Caplen to produce two new versions of the song ‘Through The Valley,’ which featured in the game.   The tracks were hosted on their YouTube channels and performed on Instagram TV and helped generate positive media coverage across national, lifestyle and specialist media.

Underpinning these creative activations was an extensive reviews programme to drive coverage and sales of the game at launch.  The programme consisted of three waves and included a range of outlets from national and specialist media to creators who stream across Twitch and vlog on YouTube.

In total, the UK launch campaign delivered over 150 media articles, 11.4k social engagements and 132 pieces of creator content which collectively clocked over 39 million views and 1.2m likes.