Nestle Cereals

Our remit for Nestle Cereals is not only to deliver individual brand messages, but also to create positive health and nutrition conversations across their range of cereals. Activities have included: 

  • Experiential activation: Kids told us they would prefer to eat a creepy crawly than their greens so we proposed an easier way for kids to get their daily goodness by swapping caterpillars for cereal!  Cue a giant caterpillar made entirely out of Nestlé cereals…
  • Parenting blogger events: Amplifying an advertising creative, we created a jungle playground and worked with Marian Fogle to give tips on how parents could get through the jungle-madness of getting kids fed before school
  • Creative media materials including ‘heart shaped’ Shredded Wheat and knitted boxes of Shreddies
Red Play
17 Aug
@bianca_london was lovely seeing you earlier 😊 Hope you enjoy your#hellogoodtimess McFlurry Festival Kit! And actual McFlurry! 🍦😋
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@lucyhedges sorry we missed you earlier but hope you received your #hellogoodtimes McFlurry Festival Kit safely! Enjoy 😊
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21 Aug
RT @shinyredteam: We loved chillin' with @TeamGB and our client @AldiUK in Edinburgh, before our amazing Olympians head to the Winter Games…
17 Aug
@RennieSusanC Hi Susan - are you able to follow us so we can DM you about a upcoming Roald Dahl project we're working on?
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Emily Morgan

Emily Morgan


Emily creates communication frameworks for world-leading brands and organisations which operate under the scrutiny of consumers, stakeholders, and the media.

She has a proven track record in delivering integrated, creative and strategic communication campaigns to protect brand reputation, create positive perception and change behaviour.