McDonald’s launched their app in 2017 – the problem was no one knew it existed, let alone used it as a way to buy their McDonald’s.  Our challenge was to get a Gen Z audience to download yet another app that was already out there and had limited new features.

Our answer was a strategic approach that focused on just the right mix of influencers, effective (insta)storytelling and authentic content.

Our approach to the influencer programme and content was straightforward. Content highlighted key app features, where influencers showcased the convenience of having it on your phone and told their followers to download it using the swipe-up function on Instagram Stories.

With over a third of Instagram users being 16 – 24 year olds, this made it the right channel for our audience and we were able to drive immediate action through the swipe-up function.

We carefully selected 66 influencers for their affinity to the brand and relevance to our audience. Crucially, they were all brand fans that had posted editorially about McDonald’s before which meant their audience were used to seeing this type of content from them and were more likely to trust and not just see it as an #ad.

The campaign was launched via top-tier influencers like Chris Hughes, Alfie Deyes, Joe Sugg, Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer, to get the knowledge of the app out there.

This then filtered down to mid-tier influencers with smaller but highly engaged audiences, and then again to micro-tier influencers with audiences below 100k who further drove the download message.

All content was shot by influencers on smart phones, following their usual style for authenticity and showcasing the customisation feature of the app and utilising the swipe-up function to drive immediate action/downloads.

Across a four-week period, we scheduled a full content calendar with up to four influencers posting per day with the timings of posts designed to ensure maximum impact.

The campaign successfully drove awareness to smash targets with over 280,000 app downloads in less than four weeks. It also encouraged trial and usage of the app with a direct correlation between big sales increases and our influencer posts.

The campaign has received the numerous accolades including being crowned the winner of two awards:

  • Winner – The Drum PR Awards 2019 – Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • Winner – SocialDay Social Media Marketing Awards 2019 – Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • Certificate of Excellence – SABRE Awards EMEA 2020 – Best Use of Social Networks
  • Finalist – CIPR Excellence Awards 2020 – Best Use of Digital & Social Media
  • Finalist – UK Social Media Awards 2019 – Best Use of Facebook/Instagram
  • Finalist – SABRE Awards EMEA 2020 – Influencer Marketing
  • Finalist – PRmoment Awards 2020 – Social Media Campaign of the Year (awaiting results)