In 2018, McDonald’s iconic Big Mac turned 50 and our campaign turned the moment into a mmmmoment.

A ‘mmmmoment’ which connected across editorial and social media…whilst at the same time driving connection with today’s food-trend obsessed younger generation by bringing the Big Mac to the Apple Mac generation.

Whilst the anniversary was being marked by two new limited burgers – The Grand Big Mac and the Mac Jnr – our campaign was inspired by classic Big Mac heritage.

“Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce…” is the start of the recipe for Big Mac and also the tongue-twisting script for one of the all-time classic brand adverts of the 70s.

Our campaign would set this tongue-twisting challenge for the new generation.

Rappers, reality stars, musicians and social media influencers – chosen to drive mass reach whilst also hitting younger, niche audiences – were all challenged to recite the mouth-watering lines in a series of Big Mac Battles. They shared their efforts with their millions of fans and followers which delivered a drumbeat of content throughout the peak period of the promotional Big Mac window.

And underpinning this hero content activity was a hard-working press office which kicked off the campaign and continued to feed the hype throughout.

The campaign triggered deep feelings of love and longing for Big Mac, taking it way beyond a food story and into mainstream coverage and conversations.

It reached 380 million people, generated 5.2 million views of video content, 3.8 million comments and 322,000 likes…and saw Big Mac sales sizzle to the point of selling out at restaurants across the country!

The campaign was a finalist at the PR Week Awards 2018 in the Best Use of Celebrity/Celebrities in a campaign.