When your social community loves your brand as much as Huawei UK’s does, it seemed only right to put them at the heart of Huawei’s latest social campaign!

That’s what we did with #LoveMyHuawei, an inclusive campaign for all Huawei fans to unite over their shared love of the brand and to open up wider discussions around the devices.

The idea came from social listening and audience insights which revealed that the majority of conversations around Huawei were from fans talking about how much they loved their devices, discussing the camera capabilities and sharing photos.

We wanted to celebrate and amplify this support by creating a campaign that captured all that positive sentiment and brought it to the forefront of wider social conversations around the Huawei brand.  We also wanted to be able to target social content to hero different devices.

Retaining the essence of an earlier #CapturedOnHuawei campaign, we evolved our strategy to feel more personal, more celebratory and engaging, with the ability of the Huawei devices.  #LoveMyHuawei was born.

Our hero channel was Instagram which as a photography-led channel, fitted the campaign perfectly. Strong results were also seen on Facebook with positive comments, shares and engagements from our community and wider audience.

To launch #LoveMyHuawei, we worked with amateur photographers and raised awareness through competitions linked to key seasonal events like London Fashion Week and World Photography Day.

Ongoing proactive community management, saw #LoveMyHuawei develop from UGC sharing to being incorporated within daily social content and reactive content across platforms.

The ongoing campaign built and maintained a strong online community of photography enthusiasts who engaged around Huawei devices and their photographic capabilities, driving brand advocacy and positive sentiment.