Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains more talked about than experienced. For most brands it remains an aspiration.

But not so for Huawei mobile phones.  For Huawei alone, AI is a technology for today…but in the intensely competitive mobile phone market talk is cheap.

So Huawei challenged us to take its AI phones beyond the tech hype.  And this is how – using a Porsche and a dog – we drove both the acceleration of AI and a dramatic leap in the brand appeal of Huawei.

With 2018’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) looming but without a flagship device to unveil, we needed an activity that would give Huawei share of voice and drive coverage in the face of no natural news announcements.

What better way to showcase the superiority of Huawei technology than challenging a phone to control a car by AI in a world-first, marrying the excitement of AI with the phenomenon of driverless vehicles.

So over five weeks, a vintage Porsche was radically adapted and re-engineered to make it Huawei-driven, not human driven.

The approach was to create a brand experience that started online with the release of an experiential film and then bring that to life at MWC.

The Road Reader film showcased how Huawei’s AI technology could give a car eyes to see and understand what’s in its path and, more importantly, teach it to avoid objects…a dog in the case of our film.

It was released a week before MWC to media and consumers alike, creating disruption and interest across key media and creating buzz around the brand even before anyone was onsite at MWC.

At MWC itself, over 145 global media attended the live brand experience for in-depth, hands-on look at the most intelligent smartphone in the world and the chance to get in the passenger seat and experience it for themselves.  1:1 Q&A sessions with key Huawei spokespeople provided further insight into the project as well as the current AI technology.

The campaign helped put Huawei on the map with a world-first idea and execution. Before, during and after MWC, the wires were buzzing about a driverless car piloted by a smartphone and the possibilities of mobile AI technologies.

Over 4,300 articles across 66 countries were generated, the teaser film clocked up 1.2 million views and Huawei’s brand awareness increased significantly during the campaign period.