Gen Z are often stereotypically portrayed as always scrolling mindlessly on their phones when they are actually using them to make the world a better place. We saw that there was an opportunity for HONOR to bust this myth and create a point-of-view around the brand in the UK.

The subsequent #SwitchedOn campaign created a piece of social commentary in the form of a street art to visually represent generational misperceptions around young people’s use of smartphones.

Research was commissioned to provide the ‘why’ for campaign and provide a wide range of media angles. This revealed a big disconnect between what older generations think about young people’s smartphone usage: over three quarters of over 45’s believe that young people spend too much time on their phones, while only 8% of those aged 18-24 feel any negative effects of their smartphone usage.

We then worked with street art collective, Graffiti Kings, to create a giant 30ft mural wall to highlight these misconceptions.

By day, it showed four young people on their devices and seemingly disconnected from the world. But at night, the artwork transformed using glow in the dark paint to show that these young people are actually using their devices in a much more positive way, touching on themes such as activism and entrepreneurialism.

The combination of the research story plus the graffiti visual successfully secured a host of coverage across national, consumer lifestyle, local listings, marketing, and tech media.  It also saw HONOR achieve a presence in media that hadn’t previously featured the brand.

Check out a video of the activity here