Hendrick’s Gin: Pop-up Portals

We created something glorious and curious to launch the first ever limited-edition gin from Hendrick’s Gin.

For the new Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin, we created a campaign that would work for media as well as extend out to and engage consumers.

The central creative idea saw floral phone boxes installed across the UK which were designed to intrigue curious customers.  The once forgotten phone boxes were transformed into sensory experiences where customers could stop, literally smell the roses and be immersed in the world of the deeply-floral gin.  Those enticed in had their curiosity rewarded with a first taste of the new gin – either with a floral ‘Stem for a Serve’ redeemable at a local bar or in the tasting room of the London launch event.

We created a big launch moment for media around the London event. Buzz and intrigue were created through sending them cryptic floral blooms inviting them to join Hendrick’s at an event where their curiosity would be rewarded.  This led to hundreds of social media posts, editorial and over 50 media attend the launch.

The pop-up sensory portals were then taken on the road.  Events held in five UK cities created ongoing editorial opportunities and saw over 2,500 consumers take part.