The introduction of GDPR brought cyber-attacks to the mainstream – but many organisations don’t take responsibility for their role in the protection of data – so we helped Gemalto dramatise the scale of the problem and get businesses to sit up and take note.

The starting point was Gemalto’s existing Breach Level Index tool which combines actual data on businesses that have been breached with insight from Gemalto on how to avoid becoming a victim.

But we refreshed and reinvigorated the BLI with a newsworthy GDPR angle by analysing the number and type of breaches, the organisations affected and the locations over a year which provided a view of before and after GDPR took effect.

The data was compiled into a bi-annual report, infographic and press release to announce the results, ensuring the campaign reached across PR, social and marketing sectors.

The BLI portal was promoted in the media materials to give audiences an insight into the scale of the problem, allowing visitors to drill down into the types of data breaches occurring and the companies being targeted.  Visitors could also report breaches that were not on the system which actively encouraged engagement. The portal was also a great media resource.

Plus, through the platform’s ability to be easily updated, the campaign can be continually rolled out increasing the return on investment for the initial outlay of creating the content.

The campaign successfully cut through the crowded cybersecurity space with a platform and news hook that boosted awareness of Gemalto as the world leader in digital security and helped elevate the issue of security into the boardroom.

It generated over 1,700 global press mentions of the BLI, nearly 12,000 mentions on social media and over 70,000 visits to the BLI website.  It also had a commercial impact by securing hundreds on new business leads.