With figures showing that over half of people in the under 65 clinical at-risk groups for flu did not get vaccinated against the virus in 2016/2017…despite the fact they are more susceptible to complications from flu…our client tasked us with raising awareness of the issue.

We did this by partnering with a surprising ‘atypical at risk ambassador’ to generate cut-through in mainstream media. Someone perceived as the epitome of health but who regularly gets vaccinated against flu to challenge a common perception amongst the at-risk group that because they’re generally fit and healthy with their underlying condition well-controlled, they don’t feel flu vaccination is relevant to them.

Step forward six-time world class athlete Paula Radcliffe who was able to authentically advocate flu vaccination being in one of the at-risk groups herself due to her asthma.

We launched the campaign with a broadcast media day and traditional media interviews, followed by social media support via Paula’s Twitter platform.

Our campaign reached over 18 million people through editorial coverage across national, radio, online and social media.  Coverage was exceptionally well-messaged with 95% including a call-to-action encouraging at-risk groups to get vaccinated against flu.

The campaign also increased the presence of our client beyond the awareness campaign itself and into wider seasonal flu conversations/articles.

Rebecca Fergusson



Rebecca specialises in consumer and ethical health PR. She navigates a highly regulated communications environment to deliver award-winning campaigns that have a tangible business impact, get people talking and change behaviour for a diverse range of consumer brand, pharmaceutical and public sector clients.