What have the Romans ever done for us? That was the question at the heart of our campaign for Checkatrade after we were tasked with supporting their new Caesar advert via PR-driven content and position them as as a source of practical help and inspiration when it comes to home improvement. Specifically we needed to drive quality coverage in high-reaching outlets.

To shine a light on the Roman techniques that are still used by trades today, we worked with actor and historian Sir Tony Robinson on an entertaining and educational mini documentary. Filmed at the largest residential Roman building discovered in Britain, Sir Tony takes plumber, Danny, on an amusing journey through time, to show him how the skills he uses in his daily life were also used by Roman builders thousands of years ago.

The campaign was supported by consumer research revealing 74% of Brits are unaware that the Romans were instrumental in developing common modern day trades like underfloor heating. Interviews were placed with Sir Tony and the Daily Express, Independent and PA Media and cut downs of content were created for social.


  • 70+ pieces of coverage across national print, online and regional media
  • 100% positive sentiment
  • 481 million OTS
  • 1.5M impressions for video content

Watch the video here