Centrepoint: Alternative Xmas Banquet

Christmas is bleak for the nation’s homeless young people with thousands going hungry.

So it was crucial that Centrepoint’s Christmas fundraising campaign was successful, especially in a year when the coronavirus pandemic had many of Centrepoint’s fundraising events cancelled. Our challenge was how to get cut-through during a congested time of year when many charities vie for funds and attention.

Our solution was a multi-pronged campaign which would take advantage of natural/ seasonal opportunities but also provide a stand-out moment in the run up to Christmas.

We created a striking visual which revealed the indulgence most households enjoy over the festive season in contrast to homeless young people who don’t know if they will even get a meal on Christmas Day.

On one side of a table, a decadent Christmas banquet was pictured, whilst the other side featured a meagre display of not-so-festive food and leftovers.

The image was distributed to media and supported by research which revealed how much people spend on their Christmas menu, how much goes to waste, plus the predicted number who would go hungry and interviews with interviews from Centrepoint ambassador and award-winning chef Aldo Zilli.

A hard-working press office ran throughout December which promoted Centrepoint’s gifts, placed case studies and hi-jacked topical moments.

The campaign delivered 44million OTS via 20 minutes of national TV and 90+ pieces of editorial and social coverage. It also led to an increase in donations with analysis of media coverage showing a direct correlation to uplifts in web visits to donation pages and donation figures.

The campaign received the following accolade:

  • Finalist – CIPR Excellence Awards 2021 – Not for Profit