Up, up and away… Your money’s worth more if you head up north

07 Feb 2019

Working with our client Totaljobs, we’ve helped launch a new report on how far your money can go up north versus down south.

The new research calculated the London/North ‘exchange rate’ with the help of Geraint Johnes, Professor of Economics at Lancaster University.

The researchers looked at a range of data sources, including grocery bills, commuting costs and times, as well as housing costs: concluding that every £1 spent in London is worth £1.17 in the North.

The findings were no surprise to Martin Talbot, Director at Totaljobs, “Gone are the days where a salary is enough to secure the best talent; today’s jobseekers are increasingly valuing work-life balance and their wellbeing above all else.”

The research was picked up by a flurry of national broadcasters, including a six-minute segment on BBC Breakfast, as well as BBC News, Jazz FM, Sky News Radio, and coverage in The Independent, The Daily Star, and various local news publications in the north of England including the Manchester Evening News.