Trend Micro hacking warning

30 Jan 2019

Trend Micro Remote Control Hacking

Trend Micro has revealed that radio frequency remote controllers – widely used in manufacturing construction and many other industrial applications – are at major risk of hacking and less secure than garage door openers!

Our Technology team worked with Trend Micro on researching seven of the biggest global remote control manufacturers and found that all were susceptible to attack.  Attackers would be able to remotely hijack radio requests and take complete control of the machines which can include cranes, drills and miners. The abuse of radio frequency technology could be used to sabotage an industrial facility, steal from the supply chain, or extort organisations by simulating a malfunction and demanding a ransom.

The team created a report based on the research and shared it with security, technology and utilities media – securing coverage in the likes of Forbes, Computer Weekly and The Register. The coverage was in-depth, and highlighted the key findings of the report, as well as focusing on the additional security advice provided by Trend Micro.