Too British to barter

31 Jul 2018

Gumtree Etiquette

61% of Brits rarely or never attempt to negotiate when purchasing second-hand items – according to our research, mostly due to classic British awkwardness – meaning they miss out on a potential £6.5 billion in savings each year.  So we worked with Gumtree to create “The Etiquette of Buying and Selling Online”.

The guide lays out seven steps for a stress-free online marketplace experience giving consumers the confidence to buy and sell successfully – from advertising and making contact to examining objects and negotiating.

We gave media and influencers a sneak preview of the guide at a workshop designed to hone their buying and selling skills, run by our negotiation expert Gavin Presman from the How to Academy. 

The guide was launched alongside consumer research revealing how Brits are missing out on potential savings by being ‘too British to barter” with pick up from the likes of Sky News Sunrise, Independent and Daily Star Sunday.  The story was brought to life via a fun video for social media. 

Next up is a free consumer workshop with Gavin where people will have an opportunity to learn first-hand how to get the most out of the online marketplace experience and overcome common pitfalls.