The UnRefundables

21 Aug 2020

visa infographic

Still waiting for a refund for something you bought during lockdown?  You aren’t alone.  Coined ‘The UnRefundables’, we launched a campaign with Visa uncovering just how many of us are out of pocket from being unable to receive refunds since the pandemic.

We created a new story from consumer research that revealed the extent of the issue.  One in ten Brits are out of pocket from being unable to secure refunds since COVID-19  – a 215% increase from pre-pandemic times. The research also revealed that one in three shoppers are actively avoiding purchasing due to concerns about getting refunds.

To encourage consumer confidence in spending, we worked alongside trusted financial expert, Jasmine Birtles who offered guidance to the public through print and broadcast interviews.

A series of infographics were also created and rolled out on Visa’s social channels.

The campaign has so far secured over 50 pieces of coverage across print, broadcast media including  The Independent, BBC News, LBC and Talk Radio.