Sparking an interest in Shakespeare

28 Jan 2019

Adobe RSC Partnership

Adobe has revealed a new partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company that will breathe new life into Shakespearean works and enable Gen-Z to discover The Bard on their terms.

With tools like Adobe Spark combined with the RSC’s archive, children can for example create website-like versions of plays or video trailers that capture their themes. The partnership reflects Adobe and the RSC's common ambition to infuse creativity and creative problem solving into the classroom.

We worked with Adobe to launch the new partnership at BETT,  the world’s biggest education technology event.  We drew upon research that demonstrated the need for schemes like this that encourage creativity and creative problem solving: skills which are critical for the future workforce.

With extensive media outreach and engagement at the fair, we had traction in the education and theatre press as well as a piece on talkRADIO with key spokesperson Simon Morris, Senior Director, Adobe Creative Cloud.