Sofa Syndrome

03 Jun 2016

Sofa Syndrome Cartoon

From real life to livestreams… Sofa Syndrome is taking over the nation according to new research by ticketing website StubHub.

The survey of 18 – 24 years olds revealed many are opting to stay at home in front of the TV instead of those once-in-a-lifetime live event experiences. Almost half the country (42%) would prefer to watch Game of Thrones rather than catch their favourite band perform live; one fifth (22%) would opt to watch a livestream of an event rather than go to the live event; and almost one third (31%) would rather play video games at home.  29% of people also said they would be willing to go to more events but do not have anyone to go with.

Red Consultancy launched the campaign by working with comedian and illustrator Jessie Cave to capture the reasons people stay home in her inimitable style.