Sign of the Times

19 May 2017

Adobe Email Signatures

Red Consultancy has uncovered the strong connection people have with their handwritten signatures.

Research for Adobe revealed that despite the new technologies available, a staggering 86% of the UK public said that they feel emotionally attached to their own handwritten scrawl. Two thirds of people also revealed they use the same moniker today that they had originally created in their childhood years.

However, while the emotional attachment of the handwritten signature is evident among Brits, the research also revealed that as many as 34% of people saw the time-saving benefits of e-signatures, especially when it comes to their workplace applications.  This statistic enabled us to position Adobe Document Cloud as a platform which not only incorporates e-signatures, but can save time strapped office workers from so called 'Document Drain'.

We came up with the idea for the story and commissioned the research as well as managed all media outreach and production of content for social channels.  The story, which mixed elements of the UK public’s nostalgia for the old ways of doing things and the new technological solutions on offer, generated coverage in four national newspapers plus a raft of trade publications across the HR and IT trade media.