Psychology of Scamming

31 Jul 2017

Gumtree's Psychology of Scamming Event

Red Consultancy has been tackling the issue of online scamming to position Gumtree as a thought-leader on the subject.

First up, we created an insightful report ("The Psychology of Scamming") to showcase first-hand perspectives from scam victims and a reformed scammer as well as views from academic experts, the industry and the government. 

The report was launched at a landmark industry event which, for the first time ever, brought together academic, law enforcement and cyber security industry organisations to evaluate the reality of scamming in the UK. 

Over 100 guests attended the event which featured speakers and panellists discussing the scale of the issue, the challenges to overcome it and how the industry must align and tackle this important issue together.  Speakers included cyber-psychologists from UCL and University of Warwick, as well as the man once dubbed ‘Britain’ Greatest Fraudster’ by the media after he conned businesses out of £30m.  We managed all aspects of the launch including event management and production; identification and co-ordination of speakers and their content; and securing stakeholder and media attendees.

The event was a great success and we’re now looking at how Gumtree can continue to make a difference to protect and educate consumers about the realities of scamming.

You can download the report here