Open source Debate

17 Aug 2016

Rackspace Open Source IS Eating The World

Red Consultancy has hosted the latest in a panel debate series for Rackspace, the #1 managed cloud company. 

The debates bring together Rackspace partners, customers, industry analysts and media to discuss key themes impacting the world of cloud computing.

August’s debate focused on open source, looking at its rise in the industry and the next stage in its journey. Panellists included representatives from Rackspace, Red Hat, Capgemini, Intel, Weaveworks and MongoDB plus analyst Jon Collins as moderator.

In front of a group of top technology journalists, the discussion ranged from what’s driving open source’s success to whether businesses have the right skills to take advantages of its benefits. Managed by Red’s technology and digital teams, the panel debate generated media coverage in leading technology trades as well as discussions on social media.