Nestle Bar of YES!

13 Mar 2019

Nestle Bar Of Yes Campaign

Last night, we hosted a VIP opening night for the Bar of YES! to celebrate the launch of new flavours in the wholesome snack bar range.

In a unique twist, the Bar of YES! is designed to offer guests a blindfolded food experience – based on research showing that, when the sense of sight is removed, taste is heightened. Guests will have their taste buds challenged as they try to discern the flavour combinations of a series of delicious tasting plates while blindfolded.

Media, influencers and celebs were out in force at the launch to take the blindfolded tasting challenge and #LiveMoreYes.  The public will also be able to join in the foodie fun over the next two days.

The Bar of YES! has already secured some fantastic coverage, delivering mass awareness whilst appealing to the insta-foodie target audience