08 May 2018

RNLI Mayday Appeal Yellow Phonebox

Red Consultancy turned an iconic red telephone box yellow to kick off the RNLI’s annual May Day fundraising drive.

The phone box was created to bring to life what it means to be a volunteer for the lifeboat charity and the challenges they face every time a call for help comes in.   Passers-by were able to step into the wellies of a volunteer crew member and pick up the ringing phone to hear crew recounting real-life daring rescue stories…all to highlight that crews can receive Mayday calls at any given time of the day.   All money raised from the #MayDayEveryDay campaign will fund vital new kit to help crews save lives.    

Lots of interaction from the public during the day plus articles across national, regional, consumer and broadcast ensured the fundraising drive kicked off in style!  

A very worthwhile campaign to be involved in…check out www.RNLI.org/mayday if you want to get involved.