Look out! It’s @DangerousSnail25

18 May 2017

Dog Bowl With Snail On it

Red Consultancy created the latest Insta-celeb this month, turning a snail into a social media hit that took the country by storm with celebrity fans, 100,000 likes/comments/shares, 200,000+ video views and 2,800 followers!  But @DangerouSnail25 had a secret….

@DangerousSnail25 was a carrier of lungworm and we created a beautifully shot and witty Instagram profile to raise awareness of the parasite which is carried by 25 varieties of slugs and snails and can be fatal for dogs if not prevented. 

Inspiration for the campaign was taken from the trend of pet owners sharing images of their pets online (AKA ‘social petworking’) with #dogsofinstagram alone attracting over 750,000 posts a day! @DangerouSnail25 provided the perfect content and channel to reach the target audience of dog owners.

As well as creating the Instragram profile and imagery, we secured the support of celebrity explorer and dog lover Ben Fogle plus vet Luke Gamble to act as campaign spokespeople; organically grew the snail’s followers using popular #s, jumping on topical news and engaging with other dog influencer content; conducted consumer research into social petworking to provide content for editorial outreach; and created a film revealing the snail’s deadly secret.

The campaign is still underway but has already generated reams of coverage and content which has led to dog owners actively seeking further advice on the issue.