Huawei world first!

27 Mar 2018

Huawei Driverless Car

Red Consultancy has unveiled the first ever car to be driven by an AI-powered smartphone!

Designed to showcase the AI capabilities in Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro, the RoadReader project saw us work closely with  technology innovators Kerve to push the boundaries of Huawei’s object recognition technology and put the learning capabilities, speed and performance of its AI-powered devices to the test.

Using the phone’s cameras and object recognition, we taught the phone to recognise obstacles in the road and manoeuvre around them.  We then took the car to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where over 140 media were invited to not only take a ride, but also teach the system to recognise and avoid obstacles.

So far the campaign has inspired over 4,300 pieces of coverage across over 66 countries reaching over 6,800 million people.