Huawei ‘Drive Thru’ event drives coverage

01 Nov 2020

Need to launch a new phone? In tiered lockdown conditions? With journalists stuck at home?

These were just some of the added pressures we were faced with when tasked with launching Huawei’s Mate 40 Pro.

So marvel at our world-first ‘Drive-Thru’ press event which gave journalists the opportunity to (literally!) test drive Huawei’s new smartphone, audio and wearables products from the confines of their very own Covid-safe vehicle!

We picked them up from home and took then to a dystopian warehouse in East London where they drove through a series of Bladerunner-inspired experiences designed to showcase the incredible capabilities of Huawei’s new cutting edge tech.

The event was a stellar success, generating 80 pieces of coverage and some strong influencer content as well as a fantastic reception from media attendees.