Honor gets the UK #SwitchedOn

09 Aug 2019

Honor Graffiti

Our latest campaign for mobile tech brand Honor used street art to visually represent generational misperceptions around young people’s use of smartphones and help get the UK#SwitchedOn around youth stereotypes.

National research conducted by Honor and OnePoll found a big disconnect between what older generations think about young people’s smartphone usage.

Over three quarters of over 45’s believe that young people spend too much time on their phones, while only 8% of those aged 18-24 feel any negative effects of their smartphone usage.

Indeed, Gen Zers are actually doing more positive things on their phones than ever before, with earning a living, having a side hustle, being more creative as well as being more socially and politically aware just some of the key things that modern smartphones are enabling them to do.

To showcase these generational misperceptions, we worked with street art collective, Graffiti Kings, to create an evolving artwork on a 30ft wall in East London.

Working as a piece of social commentary, by day the wall shows four young people on their devices and seemingly disconnected from the world. But at night, the artwork comes alive using glow in the dark paint to show that these young people are actually using their devices in a much more positive way.

Watch Campaign's video review of the story here