Heavyweight Results

04 Sep 2017

Stubhub Anthony Joshua Battling

Red Consultancy delivered some heavyweight coverage for StubHub’s ‘The London Manathon’ – a series of tongue-in-cheek challenges with World Heavyweight Boxer, Anthony Joshua, and the World’s Strongest Man, Eddie ‘The Beat’ Hall.

StubHub is an online ticket marketplace that connects buyers with sellers and the Manathon was held to push tickets for Giants Live: Official World’ Strongest Man Tour Finals.

From the ‘Three Cream Cracker Challenge’, to ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, to ‘Connect 4’, Anthony and Eddie went head-to-head, with the challenges filmed by StubHub and due to go live across its Facebook and Twitter feeds within the coming weeks.

Almost 200 articles have been published about the day so far including three standout interviews secured by us with Anthony in The Daily Telegraph, PA and Mr Porter.