Grabbing life by the nuts!

08 Feb 2020

KP Nuts grab life by the nuts campaign logo

KP Nuts has launched a rallying call to ‘Grab Life By The Nuts!’

The brand is encouraging the nation to take more risks and challenges after their research revealed that Brits spend 500 waking days of our lives dwelling on regrets.  Most of us also think we’d be better off if we had taken more risks and challenged ourselves regularly.

We kicked the campaign off with a series of radio interviews with campaign ambassador James Haskell, the former rugby player and I’m A Celebrity star well-known for regularly taking risks in his career and personal life.

And with the addition of the research story, product media relations and social activity, we grabbed results by the nuts!  Coverage appeared in key nationals including The Sun, The Guardian, The Mirror, The Express and Daily Mail as well as within a multitude of broadcast and consumer titles.