Get more bangs for your buck up North

07 Feb 2019

TotalJobs BBC Breakfast

Working with our client Totaljobs, we helped launch a new report on how far your money can go up north versus down south.

The new research calculated the London/North ‘exchange rate’ with the help of Geraint Johnes, Professor of Economics at Lancaster University.

The researchers looked at a range of data sources, including grocery bills, commuting costs and times, as well as housing costs: concluding that every £1 spent in London is worth £1.17 in the North.

The findings were no surprise to Martin Talbot, Director at Totaljobs, “Gone are the days where a salary is enough to secure the best talent; today’s jobseekers are increasingly valuing work-life balance and their wellbeing above all else.”

We secured some great broadcast coverage, including a six-minute segment on BBC Breakfast, as well as BBC News, Jazz FM, Sky News Radio, plus articles in The Independent, The Daily Star, and various regional publications.