Drum roll please…

08 Aug 2019

The Drum Most Effective Use of Content Awards

Drum roll please…three of our campaigns with McDonald’s have been shortlisted for The Drum PR Awards!

A campaign to launch the new Big Mac with Bacon is up for the FMCG and Most Effective Use of Content awards.

This campaign asked the question if Big Mac with Bacon was still a Big Mac and we fueled the national debate! The bacon debate was built into all our comms and we teamed up with a famous family to dramatize the opposing sides of the debate: Harry #NotABigMac and Jamie #StillABigMac Redknapp!  The subsequent video was McDonald’s most successful piece of content of all time, breaking all engagement and viewing records.

Plus a campaign to promote the My McDonald’s app is shortlisted for the Influencer Marketing award.  This campaign singlehandedly drove hundreds of thousands of app downloads through effective (insta)storytelling, authentic content and just the right mix of influencers.