Dangers of taking a dip

06 Aug 2020

Wes Nelson standing by Thames

Would you swim in your toilet?  That’s essentially what Londoners will be doing if they take a dip in the Thames this summer to cool off!

We worked with Tideway, the company building the new super-sewer that will greatly reduce the quantity of sewage pollution in the Thames, to raise awareness of the dangers of swimming in the river.

Research was commissioned which revealed over half of Londoners believe it’s safe to swim in the Thames despite the tens of millions of tonnes of sewage flowing into it each year.  45% of Londoners would take a dip in the Thames – and over a quarter already have!

Armed with some great stats and the support of trained engineer and former Love Island contestant Wes Nelson, we secured a fantastic spread of national, regional and broadcast coverage warning of the issues of swimming in the Thames.