Coronavirus: Agency response

16 Mar 2020

After carefully considering the latest government advice, we’ve decided to adopt remote working for all our 120+ staff for two weeks until Monday 30th March.

We feel this is the most effective way to support our clients who will not only need us to support their businesses as normal but in response to the unique challenges of this extremely uncertain period.

Following a successful remote working trial last week, we’re confident that we have the systems, the processes, the discipline, the suppliers, the leaders and above all the talent in our people to make it work.

While our clients may not see our people in real life during this time, we will continue being by their side telephonically, digitally, creatively, strategically with passion and purpose.

And while we may indulge in unwise levels of snacking and appear on calls in very casual attire (!), our clients can 100% count on us to give them 100%.