Child Boredom Quotient

31 Oct 2017

Emirates Children Enjoying Themselves

"Are we nearly there yet?" is the phrase that strikes dread into the hearts of parents travelling with children – be it by plane, train or automobile – because it means boredom has set in and meltdowns are only matter of time…

Which is why, in a bid to highlight how committed Emirates is to easing family travel, we commissioned a child psychologist and boredom specialist to pinpoint the precise moment that children typically lose all interest in activities.   

We then worked with popular parenting influencers and comedy duo, the Scummy Mummies, to create some laugh-out-loud content designed to share and inspire solutions to the issue and make travel dramas a lot less daunting for families.

The cost-effective campaign reached over 1.3 billion people, achieved more than 1.8 million impressions and put Emirates at the heart of the holiday conversation amongst parents during a key family travel period.