28 Mar 2017

Fab Fob Stella In Action

Red Consultancy has teamed up with Instagram sensation Deliciously Stella to remind the nation that there is nothing better than the humble slice loaf.

The campaign was created for the Federation of Bakers and Flour Advisory Bureau and tackled the clean eating trend head on to show how #avotoast just wouldn’t be the same without bread!

And who better than Deliciously Stella, famed for ridiculing the clean eating brigade, to get that message across.

Our consumer PR specialists joined forces with our Creative Services team to develop three tongue-in-cheek videos that imagined a world without bread…avo on cardboard (gluten free naturally), egg and (toy) soldiers and jam on hands. Who needs toast when you can just eat it off the palm of your hand?!

The videos have clocked up over 90k views thanks to Deliciously Stella’s cult following on Instagram plus amazing editorial coverage has been secured in the likes of Metro and Mail Online to name but a few.

Watch the videos here: