Be a Coder not a Kardashian

20 Jan 2017

EFG Energy VR Film

EDF Energy has launched a Virtual Reality film to inspire girls to stay interested in science as part of its Pretty Curious campaign.

Just one in five people working in core-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related careers are women and EDF Energy is committed to changing that. However, since 12 year old girls are more inspired by tech than talk, Red Consultancy created a VR film with award-winning production company Unit 9 that shows them what their lives could be like if they stayed interested in STEM.

Red’s PR, digital and creative services teams collaborated on the campaign, producing not only the VR film itself but also a wealth of PR materials and digital content including research into jobs of the future, a ‘future-me’ avatar generator, snapchat filters and a hub with all the information about the campaign.  

You can watch the film here